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My thought process as I unlearned my biases. Made on

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Iron Fist by Mike Deodato Jr.


Get ready for She-Hulk’s All-New Marvel NOW! debut this February in a bombastic new series from the creative team of Charles Soule and Javier Pulido!

What we read and why we do so defines us in a profound way. You are what you read, I suppose. Browsing through someone’s library is like peeking into their DNA.
Guillermo del Toro, Introduction to The Best American Nonrequired Reading (via ofthewebandtherock)
That is what the title of artist means: one who perceives more than his fellows, and who records more than he has seen.
Edward G. Craig (via writingquotes)


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I sometimes think that people’s hearts are like deep wells. Nobody knows what’s at the bottom. All you can do is imagine by what comes floating to the surface every once in a while.
Haruki Murakami, Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (via frannyandzooeyglass)

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Alex Añe columnist at Modern Age Comics #4 favorite comics character- Black Bolt I think it’s best stated as, “The King will have words with you now.”

Black Bolt Quickieby ~felipemassafera

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Black Bolt by Simone Bianchi.

From Marvel Comics.


The Sun Dance Collection

by Holly Sharpe // Tumblr // Etsy